Penetrating Damp in Birmingham

Another common type of damp is penetrating damp; which is damp caused by water infiltrating externally through the walls and into the building. This type of damp can occur on all levels of the building but is mostly found on the higher levels.

Penetrating damp can be caused by :

  • Leaking or blocked pipes
  • Defective or overflowing guttering and downpipes allowing water ingress to pass through the external walls and into the property.
  • Roof damage or missing roof tiles causing rain to enter the building.
  • Dilapidated or poorly installed windows or damaged window frames which allow rain to permeate into the building.
  • Aging or damaged bricks which have degraded to the point that the walls have become porous and have lost the ability to keep out rain penetration.

Penetrating damp can be damaging to a property as it can lead to issues such as dry rot, wet rot, and encourage the growth of mould within your home.  It can also affect the temperature levels within the property and lead to several health-related issues.

Signs of penetrating damp

  • Damp staining on external walls
  • Increased heat loss
  • Damp plasterwork
  • Damp patches on walls or ceilings
  • Rot setting into any timber structures within the property.
  • Black mould
  • Drips and puddles
  • Unpleasant, musty smells


If you recognise the signs of penetrating damp, we advise you deal with it immediately as the longer you leave it, the more damaging it can become.  

Our experienced and qualified surveyors will help you to identify, diagnose and treat any penetrating damp to return your property to its natural dry and safe state.

We offer a comprehensive range of professional solutions for treating penetrating damp. This can include any of the following, depending on your case:

  • Identifying and removing the source of moisture.
  • Treatment for brickwork and walls to protect your property from additional moisture ingress.
  • Replacement of the plasterwork and removing any black mould.
  • Repairing timbers infected with dry or wet rot by treating or replacing them.

If you suspect or have identified that you have a penetrating damp issue and need it resolved, then call Damp Zone today on 0121 690 1111.