Dry Rot in Birmingham

Dry rot occurs when excess moisture builds upon wood structures, which allows harmful types of fungi to grow on the wood. Dry rot destroys wood by eating away at parts within the wood which give the timber strength. This ultimately reduces the wood to a dry and crumbly state, causing it to weaken and rot.

Dry rot is different to wet rot as it requires less moisture to germinate and has the ability to travel through building materials other than timber, giving outbreaks the potential to spread quickly through a building. For this reason, additional measures, e.g. masonry sterilization, often have to be taken when treating dry rot outbreaks or even when dealing with outbreaks of other wood-rotting fungi.

If you have any structures in your home that are made of wood, you’re at risk for dry rot and widespread structural damage.

Signs of Dry Rot :

  • Wood shrinks, darkens and cracks in a ‘cuboidal’ manner.
  • A silky grey or mushroom coloured skin frequently tinged with patches of lilac and yellow often develops under less humid conditions. This ‘skin’ can be peeled like a mushroom.
  • White, fluffy ‘cotton-wool’ mycelium develops under humid conditions. ‘Teardrops’ may develop on the growth.
  • Strands develop in the mycelium; these are brittle and dry and crack when bent.
  • Fruiting bodies are a soft, fleshy pancake or bracket with an orange-ochre surface. The surface has wide pores.
  • Rust red coloured spore dust frequently seen around fruiting bodies.
  • Active decay produces a musty, damp odour


There are a number of ways you can treat and repair dry rot-affected areas. This can include using a masonry steriliser spray and/or applying Boracol Solution to the affected areas.

It is advisable to contact a specialist surveyor to provide expert advice or propose solutions to treat your case effectively,

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Important Note: Dry Rot Can Cause Widespread Structural Damage

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Remember: dry rot can weaken the structure of your home,
so play it safe and get specialist advice whenever you suspect the presence of wood rot.